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Editing and Color

Editing and color grading are the backbone of post production. The right timing, and the right color treatments can create entirely different moods to any production.

I am versed in Final Cut, Premier, and Davinci Resolve for editing, and color solutions.

Below are examples of my editing and coloring skills. 

Honda HOLC Master Presentation
Galderma Master Presentation
Rice Organizations1 Master
TourIt Media Sizzle 2017
Tame Unruly Body Hair
Version 2
fitops 2m Mitchell web
Savage Gypsy - Windowpane (Redux) ***MATURE CONTENT***
Rice Global 30sec h264
Rice Business
McBride   Music is More Than One Note
Lala Woman On The Street
Savage Gypsy + Shower For Me
Don't Look in the Basement 2 OFFICIAL TRAILER
McBride   Music    Pass it On
Addison   The Road Less Traveled
Imaginuity  Meaningful Connections for the Digital Age
The Great Fandelirium (Sizzle Reel)
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